Cotts, Part Deux

Sounds like Neal Cotts may, in fact, get at least a look as a starter.

In the Trib today, Dave Van Dyck reports that Cotts is "excited about the opportunity" to vie for a starting job with the Cubs. Naturally, the transition from the bullpen would require the proverbial "stretching out" of his arm, a mystical process that, these days, seems to find its way into every discussion about relievers becoming starters.

It's a wonder those old-timers, so ignorant of the physiological phenomena that now roll off the tongues of even casual fans, ever made it through a summer in one piece.

Van Dyck also notes that Cotts, a starter throughout his minor league career, didn't last long in that role once the White Sox brought him to the big leagues. In his first five starts in 2003, he was 1-2 with a 9.19 ERA.

Of course, those credentials should ensure he'll find a home in the Cubs rotation.


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