So Gary Sheffield won't be a Cub after all.

From the day his name and the Cubs were first linked in trade rumors, I've wondered whether it would be smart to bring a proverbial clubhouse cancer to Chicago, especially given the young talent the Cubs would no doubt have had to give up to the Yanks. Well, Dave Dombrowski beat Jim Hendry to the punch and the debate can end.

I think I'm happy about that. But I'm not sure.

It sounds like the Tigers gave up some pretty sweet prospects. And Sheffield is 37 years old, coming off injuries, required a contract extension in the bargain and, by all appearances, is still a jerk.

On the other hand, it bothers me to think that the reason Sheffield isn't going to be on the North Side next year might be that: 1.) Hendry just never got around to seriously pursuing a trade with New York, or 2.) The Cubs minor league system is now so devoid of first-class prospects that Hendry simply had nothing that Brian Cashman wanted.

Maybe when we sign Soriano, Zito, Schmidt and Matsuzaka, missing out on Sheffield won't seem like a big deal at all.


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