Angioplasty Humor

In honor of Jim Hendry, here's my favorite angioplasty joke:

A rabbi is in a hospital bed, awaiting an angioplasty, when his friend the priest drops by to pick up his spirits.

"It is kind of you to visit, my friend," says the rabbi.

"Don't mention it," says the priest. "You would do the same for me. Hey, do you remember the time we bought that car together?"

"I believe I do," replies the rabbi, "but please remind me of the details. It will take my mind off the potentially risky operation I am about to undergo."

"Well," begins the priest, "if memory serves, we decided that since your synagogue and my church were across the street from each other and our schedules intertwined, we would combine our finances and buy a car together. We drove it home and parked it in the street between our establishments.

"A few minutes later, you looked out and saw me sprinkling water on the new car. It didn't need a wash, so you ran out and asked me what I was doing. 'I'm blessing it,' I said.

"Then you replied, 'Oh,' then ran back into the synagogue. You reappeared a few minutes later with a hack saw, ran to the car and cut off the last 2 inches of the tailpipe."

The two friends laughed heartily.

"So when do you have the procedure?" asked the priest.

"Tomorrow," answered the rabbi.


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