Harrowing story in Monday's Tribune:
Cubs Interim President John McDonough was in Orlando and his first Winter Meetings were nearly his last.

Said McDonough, "I did a lot of listening. It was a...culture shock."

You read that correctly--culture shock! The great Silent Killer of under-qualified Interim Presidents.

First, Jim Hendry nearly works himself into an early obituary and now this.

It's about time the lads in the executive suite at Tribune Company show appropriate concern for one of their own and get him out of harm's way. Out of affection for Captain Beanie Baby and consideration for his welfare, they should can him immediately. Then, as a further act of human decency, they should blackball him from Major League Baseball forever.

It's Christmas time. If there was ever a season for doing the right thing for your fellow man, this is it.


  1. DJ said...
    ...if Mr. McDonough only knew whose keyboard from which these words were typed...
    Cubnut said...
    Please don't tell him. I want the pleasure.
    Mo said...
    I am sure he was busy picking the brains of the other Club Presidents trying to come up with some new 7th inning stretch singers.

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