From Gus Schrader's "Red Peppers" column, Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, January 16, 1962:

The poor Cubs took such a ribbing at the Chicago Baseball Writers Association banquet Sunday night that even we felt sorry for them.

The north-siders were ably represented by El Tappe...the current "head coach" of the revolving Cub staff--a kind of baseball "queen for a day." Even Tappe couldn't resist being funny about his charges.

"You know, one of the things we Cub coaches try to teach our players is to be respectful. And I think we succeeded last year.

"A team came to town last season with a player who had collected 2,999 hits in his major league career. He needed one more to reach 3,000, and we were kind enough to let him attain that mark right here in Chicago."

John Carmichael , the Chicago Daily News sports editor who did a masterful job as toastmaster, added this comment: "It's about time the Cubs quit building character and went out and won some games."

News From Early Today: Having determined that what their roster lacked was a scandal-tainted prima donna, the Rangers may have found exactly what they were looking for.


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