I had just sat down to write about what an uneventful day it had been in the Land of Ivy & Broken Dreams. Then I hopped over to cubs.com and read that Cliff Floyd is no longer an Almost Cub.

I like the addition of a decent, lefthanded bench to the roster--Floyd's career: .359 OBP, 120 OPS+--especially if it enables the Cubs to move Jacque Jones. What bothers me a ton is the possibility that Matt Murton's playing time just got cut in half.

On the one hand, Manager Lou is on the record acknowledging that Murton is a terrific prospect who needs to be on the field. Then I read about Jim Hendry's excitement at seeing a lineup of Floyd, Derrek Lee, and Aramis Ramirez, and all of a sudden, it seems that Hendry, at least, sees the new Cub as a lot more than a valuable spare part. (Also, I find the fact that Floyd, who played for Hendry at Creighton, stills refers to the Cub GM as "Coach" kind of creepy.)

Now that my blood is up, I should also point out that the Cubs have fired up the big hypnosis machine to help them convince anyone who will listen that playing Alfonso Soriano in centerfield is a good idea. (Look--the hypnosis machine is working!)

I hope it's all some sort of smoke screen for their real plan. If not, I hope the Cubs see the folly in playing a butcher out of position; that they trade Jacque Jones and bring in a professional centerfielder.

Hendry has done a great deal of work this off-season. It seems to me he still has some work ahead of him.

Oh, yeah, one other thing: the devil is interested in buying part of the Tribune.


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