Going To Church?

I spent Saturday morning taking apart the Christmas tree and listening to sportstalk radio. (Might be a country song or a Gary Larson cartoon in there.)

Anyway, most interesting to hear was Bruce Levine on WMVP, who says the Cubs haven't given up on signing Cliff Floyd, but are just waiting until they've done something with, about, or to Jacque Jones.

Levine also said the Cubs are looking at outfielder Ryan Church of Washington. In his brief career with the Expos/Nationals, Church has played 73 games in centerfield, 65 in leftfield and 41 in right, and he's made just two errors in three years while showing good range.

Offensively, he's coming off a season in which he hit .276 with a line (OBP/SLG/OPS) of .366/.526/892 and 10 HRs and 35 RBI in 196 AB.

All in all, he looks like an attractive commodity: a lefthanded hitter who gets on base, can hit with power, and seems to be competent at all three outfield postions. Levine said the Nationals would be looking for young pitchers in return.

If they're looking for young pitchers who may or may not be capable, we could have a deal.


  1. Wrigley Ville said...
    I'm pro-Ryan Church, having watched him in Washington the last two years (though he spent a lot of last year in the minors, for some reason). He hustles, is a good guy, and would be good for depth.

    Plus, you can never have too many Nationals.
    Cubnut said...
    Wrigley ville,

    What do you know about his defense? I was looking at the defense charts at Baseball Musings (baseballmusings.com?), and it looks like he might be better in left or right than in center.
    Wrigley Ville said...
    He's not the speediest of people - more of a "scrappy" player, which has been in short supply for the Cubs lately...

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