*David Newhan, a three-position outfielder who spent the last three seasons with the Orioles, is close to signing with the Mets. (That is according to si.com.) The 32-year-old Newhan told a Baltimore newspaper last week that he was likely to sign with either the Mets or the Cubs.

*Also at si.com, Jon Heyman suggests the Cubs might be 20 wins better in '07 thanks to all of the off-season moves and the return of Derrek Lee for a full season. Heyman also theorizes that Carlos Zambrano is likely to wind up with a $150 million contract assuming he pitches to form this season.

*Finally, the 2007 Cub Fan Convention is now just 16 days away. Important note to attendees: just because Mike Bielecki, Jay Johnstone, Tim Stoddard and Gary Varsho showed up last year, don't have your hearts set on seeing them this time.


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