At Baseball Prospectus (subscription required), Will Carroll weighs in today on the latest injury to Kerry Wood:

The Cubs are waiting for the initial swelling to leave (Wood's triceps) area before determining how long Wood will be shelved, but anything over a couple days puts his active status for Opening Day in jeopardy. Wood was due to work long relief for the Cubs, though many think his early-season limitations would have handicapped him in even that role. The team wasn't rushing him into the closer role or even a setup role as many expected, preferring to allow him to get comfortable with the lack of routine in the bullpen. That's still the plan, assuming this latest injury doesn't push him too far back. Early indications are that he'll miss about a week.

Mark Prior, meanwhile, threw four innings against Double-A hitters at Fitch Park on Friday and while Carrie Muskat and the headline writer at found things to be positive about, Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue and Arizona Phil at The Cub Reporter had completely different takes.

This passage stood out in Al’s report:

Prior threw four innings, fifty-nine pitches (only a little more than half of them, thirty-two, were strikes). He walked two, hit a batter, was constantly behind hitters, gave up two hits and no runs to a team consisting of players who will wind up spending this year playing for Tennessee and Daytona (some names I recognized: Dopirak, Fontenot, Spears, Simokaitis). The outs were hit fairly hard, and it was just not very impressive.

And later…

It's a shame. Here's a guy who was called "the greatest college pitcher ever", compared to Tom Seaver, and dominant in the National League in his first full season in 2003. Now he's barely hanging on to his baseball life.

All in all, a wonderful job of reporting by Al. It’s a shame he was reporting on a car wreck.


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