The Pending Quiet

Major League Baseball will go dark for the next six days in accordance with the commissioner-mandated "Pre-Opening Day Naptime." No exhibition games, no personnel moves, no controversies involving managers and their teams' former star pitchers.

How lucky for me that this would happen at the exact time I'll be taking a one-week vacation and a one-week break from posting here at A Hundred Next Years!

As for the events of this past weekend, Wade Miller did a fabulous impression of a pitcher who deserves a spot in someone's starting rotation, Mark DeRosa did a fabulous impression of Brooks Robinson, Kerry Wood took the mound for the second time in three days as he possibly competes with Angel Guzman for the final pitcher's spot on the Cub roster, and Baseball Prospectus predicted that this is the week the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano will agree on a five-year contract extension for $80-$90 million.

That last bit sounds like a clear violation of Selig's Naptime decree to me, but if it keeps Z in a Cub uni for five more years, it would be worth the punishment.

Hope you will return to this page when I do, next weekend.


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