Good: The 2007 season is here.
Bad: On Monday, it looked a lot like most of 2006.

Good: The Cub bullpen held the Reds scoreless over the last three innings.
Bad: The Reds scored enough runs to win in the first.

Good: John McDonough says Trib’s plan to sell won’t affect the operation of the team this year.
Bad: Apparently McDonough was talking about everything except agreeing on Carlos Zambrano's new contract.

Good: The new Cub, Alfonso Soriano, got his first hit of the season.
Bad: A returning Cub, Matt Murton, got his first three strikeouts of the season.

Good: Derrek Lee was back in the Cub lineup, hitting like the old Derrek Lee.
Bad: Adam Dunn was in the Reds lineup, torching Cub pitching like the old Adam Dunn.

Lou Piniella's post-game press conference featured a typically frank, honest appraisal of his team’s performance.
Bad: Frankly speaking, there was almost nothing positive to say.

Good: The White Sox were humiliated by the Indians.
Bad: The umps were required to stop the game after 9 innings.

Good: The Cubs should have a new owner by the end of the calendar year, possibly an individual, not a corporation, with a personal, emotional stake in the fortunes of his team.
Bad: “Mr. FitzSimons, I have Mr. Wirtz holding on line 2.”


  1. Phil said...
    On the way home last night, was looking for a game to listen to as I have XM Radio and it was opening day. Settled on Pits/Hou as the Cubs were "Dunn" already, it was a NL Central game, and I have Roy Oswalt on my fantasy team. Unfortunately, this meant stomaching the No. 1 enemy of the blog Milo Hamilton. As bad as we all remember him, he has gotten worse with age. One of the many unlistenable traits was to use the advertising name for everything. More than once, he talked about whether a ball would stay on the fair side of the Chick Filet Foul Pole. Oh, how I long for the days when announcers would "look smart" by relating that it should really be called a "fair pole". Each hit off or over the wall was described by where it landed in relation to each logo. Oh well, there's baseball again.
    Cubnut said...
    Glad to hear Milo is more repulsive than ever. He is obviously feeling the pressure to remain atop the list. I have confidence in him however.

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