News From The Coast

While I consider just how despondent I should be after Monday night's debacle, I share this report from AHNY's West Coast correspondent, California Phil:

Business took me to SF this week, so a few thoughts about AT&T Park seem on topic. Beautiful park with scenic views of the bay from many directions. I'm starting to get a little worried that the current crop of parks, while nicer, are starting to be as cookie cutter as the early 70s parks. Scoreboards the same, dimensions similar, same feel as Camden Yards and even the DBacks park (whatever it's called today - Chase Field I believe) in many ways.

A few other random notes -- I detest Bonds as much as the next thinking fan, but have to admit it was chilling and exciting when he batted. And the flurry of activity in the park came to a standstill when he batted.

I now must hold some sort of record as Bonds homered after I left (heck I was cold, I saw him bat 3 times, and what self-respecting Cubs fan really cares about SF vs STL). What's amazing is that I was also at Wrigley for an Aaron HR (somewhere around 705 or so) when he was chasing Ruth and left early in that one as my paper route called. I'd venture to say that 96% of the other games I've attended, I've gone the distance. Go figure.

Does anybody remember why the first baseman is not included in the throw around the horn after a K?

One other tidbit, the SF 3rd base coach was facing the OF with a runner on 2nd and took only a quick glance at the batter - presumably to ensure he didn't get whacked on the head by a sharp drive -- to better view the OF for a play at the plate I'd imagine. Don't remember seeing that before and now wonder if it's common. Pretty anti-Kimmish in its approach.

Going tomorrow to see the Lancaster (Class A) JetHawks. Lots of baseball - I also saw LA/SD last week - but miss the Cubs. Hope they're playing better when they come to LA.


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