The Unthinkable

Things that couldn’t possibly be on the minds of the 4-7 Cubs, so don’t even ask about them:

Alfonso Soriano worrying about justifying his contract or living up to his lead-off responsibilities.

Carlos Zambrano thinking about the big contact he almost, but didn’t quite, sign, or whether, given the Cubs’ ownership situation, he’ll have another chance to sign it any time soon.

Matt Murton wondering if all he’ll ever be for the Cubs is someone’s platoon mate.

Jacque Jones, Derrek Lee and Cliff Floyd envisioning the additional burden on them if Aramis Ramirez’s tendonitis is a season-long issue.

Scott Eyre flashing back to 1998, when he was a marginal big league pitcher lucky to have a job, instead of one of the game’s vaunted LOOGYs.

Lou Piniella recalling that heartbreaking losses by well-heeled teams in the biggest markets are just as painful as heartbreaking losses by low-budget teams in Tampa/St. Pete.


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