It's April in Chicago, and spring has sprung. Today it sprung a snowstorm, complete with plenty of wet, slushy snow and winds that turned umbrellas upside down and inside out. Let's play two!

Today's aborted Cubs/Astros game will be played in ninety-two days, which should give Adam "The Splendid Splinter" Everett and Chris Sampson plenty of time to rest so they'll be ready to savage our boys on their home turf all over again in July.

The Reds come to town Friday. I am sure they'll want to get to the park early so they can seek out Carlos Zambrano and thank him for his kind words about the Red Legs' offense.

Finally, a few words to commemorate Tuesday night's thoroughly enjoyable White Sox/A's game. The contest featured a ninth-inning, game-tying single by ex-Cub Todd Walker, a comically inept throw by White Sox leftfielder Scott Podsednik on the aforementioned play, and, lastly, a game-winning hit by Mark Ellis, which should have been caught by Podsednik but instead, caromed off his head.



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