Somehow, I hadn't discovered the baseball preview pages until five minutes ago. Pretty cool. For tonight's Cubs-Padres game, the AccuScore simulation system has San Diego pegged at a 59% probability of victory. (Ten-thousand or more simulated games are played to generate the win probability and individual player statistics projections.) The Padres' Adrian Gonzalez is given an 18.2% chance to hit at least one home run, as is the Cubs' Aramis Ramirez.

Bottom line: I'm already steamed and the first pitch has yet to be thrown.

Chris Young, who is very good and especially devastating at Petco Park--0.44 ERA; just one earned run allowed in 20 1/3 innings this season--is up against Jason Marquis, whose season numbers are still excellent, but lately, much less so.

The Cubnut simulation system, wherein I close my eyes and imagine how I'm going to feel in about three hours, projects an 84% likelihood that I'm going to go to bed tonight very angry, more frustrated with Jacque Jones than ever, and approximately 92% committed to switching this over to a Chicago Fire blog.


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