Lucky Cubs

I saw my first game at Wrigley this season Wednesday night. I was attending the game with two clients, who, unfortunately for me, were running late and didn't get to the park until 7:30. As a result, I stood at the corner of Addison and Sheffield, trying to follow the game via ESPN Mobile on my cell phone until my clients arrived. I thus lived up to two ugly Cub fan stereotypes: the jerk who can't bother to get to the game on time and the jerk who's obsessed with his cell phone when he should be enjoying the game in front of him.

My clients showed up in time for us to reach our seats in the bottom of the second inning, so we missed Alfonso Soriano's home run, but I saw enough of Jason Marquis to appreciate that when he induces ground balls and walks nobody and has the few hard-hit balls against him directed right at his fielders, he might be a better pitcher than I have given him credit for being.

And as long as Carlos Zambrano continues coughing up hairballs like today's, we're lucky to have him.


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