A few minutes ago, Ryan Theriot homered to bring the Cubs to within 5-4 against the Marlins at Wrigley Field. (Michael Wuertz just walked the first two men in the Florida eighth. By the time I finish this post, the game should be completely out of reach.)

Theriot's homer doesn't matter much to me, because I have no confidence in the Cubs' ability to complete the comeback, or if they do, in the ability of their bullpen to hold the lead.

This team doesn't do great things. They bludgeon an opponent now and then, but for the most part, they find ways to lose and to create heartache. (Tonight's second inning was a dandy illustration of ineptitude in action, when Mark DeRosa ran into an out at third base on an infield grounder by Michael Barrett, and then, shortly thereafter, with two outs AND THE PITCHER AT THE PLATE, Barrett got himself picked off second base.)

The Cubs are going to lose tonight and they're going to lose the majority of their games the rest of the season. Jim Hendry handed Lou Piniella an awkwardly configured roster and Piniella appears to have lost his magic dust somewhere between Seattle and Wrigley Field.

I'm disgusted by this team and its tragicomic failures. Friday night's loss at Los Angeles was gruesome; I have no doubt the Cubs will top it at least four or five times the rest of the way.

At least we're going to get a high draft pick next week. We'll probably be looking at a top five or six choice in 2008 as well. And we'll probably screw up both of them.

Oh, look at that: Josh Willingham just cleared the bases and now the Cubs are down 9-4.



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