Just Missed

Earlier today I theorized what Pat and Ron's "Country Music Night" interview with no-talent, numbskull, former American Idol contestant and recent breast-enhancement-receiver Kellie Pickler would sound like. I looked forward all day to hearing the actual interview during the 7th inning. (I had high hopes this would eclipse P&R's sitdown a few years back with Dawn Wells of Gilligan's Island fame.)

I was working on the computer and looking in on the game from time to time via Gameday until late in the 6th inning, at which point I flipped on my Walkman, only to hear that Kellie Pickler had ALREADY done her Pat & Ron time!

If you heard the interview and can relate the high points, I would appreciate it. That way I can compare my predictive report with the real thing.

As for the actual game, I'm writing with the Cubs at bat with two outs in the last of the 10th and Jacque Jones on first. I hope the Cubs win, but after the scoring opportunity they blew in the last of the 8th--bases loaded, none out--it seems like the kind of game Lou's Boys are destined to lose.

There seem to be lots of those kinds of games this year.


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