Too much going on to post last night. Plus, after watching the Cubs flounder week after week after week, I have found the current six-game winning streak completely disorienting. Ever since the Monday Night Miracle, the mere idea of writing about the suddenly successful Cubs has caused me to suffer dizzy spells and nausea.

A couple of odds and ends on this off day:

–Earlier today at The Cub Reporter, I posted a review of a new DVD collection produced by A&E Television which celebrates great games in Cub history between 1984 and 2005. The review appears here, and if you're interested in purchasing the collection, you can do so here.

Long review made short: there are some great moments captured on these discs, but overall I didn't think the set was worth the cost ($39.98). I was surprised to see how many TCR readers disagreed and either bought the DVDs after reading the review or said they were planning to do so soon.

I would be happy if the article led to a noticeable bump in sales. It's not that I or TCR are in line for any sort of commission, but I'm thinking that if there are some incremental sales, A&E might want to engage us again in the future.

Or maybe they'll just have James Gandolfini drop by my house to say hello.

–Still no new progress on the Jacque Jones trade front, though the Minneapolis Star-Tribune had this angle on the story:

"The Twins were interested in dealing for Chicago Cubs outfielder and former Twin Jacque Jones before Jones' trade to the Marlins fell through. But indications are that the Twins and Cubs won't be able to rekindle talks because of finances.

According to sources, the Twins looked into the deal before the Cubs agreed to send Jones to Florida for a minor leaguer. The Cubs reportedly were willing to eat $6.6 million of the $7.2 million remaining on Jones' contract through 2008.

Now there are indications the Cubs have decided they can't afford to eat that much salary, causing the deal to fall apart. The club is expected to keep trying to trade Jones, who's batting .233 with two homers and 20 RBI. The Chicago Tribune has begun a 'Jacque Watch,' on its website."

As for that failed deal with the Marlins, when it still looked like Jacque and several million Tribune Company dollars were Miami-bound, I got to wondering, who would replace JJ as the Cubs mvp (most vilified player)?

With Michael Barrett no longer in the running, I'm thinking Scott Eyre would have the inside track on the job. And if Eyre was pushed off the roster? Then I don't know who would be next in line.

We might have to get Neifi Perez back from Detroit to fill the slot.


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