Traveling on business today and engaged in related activities tonight, I was unable to watch a minute of Tuesday evening's Cubs game. The following impressions, therefore, are a function of what was delivered to me through the miracle of cellular technology and ESPN Mobile:

Ted Lilly gave up some long balls as the Brewers built an early advantage. Michael Wuertz let the Brewers extend their lead. In a plot twist reminiscent of what unfolded Monday night, the Cub offense, drowsy in the early going, finally bore teeth late in the game. This time, however, Alfonso Soriano struck out in a key at-bat in the eighth inning, and Cliff Floyd, then representing the tying run, was retired in the top of the ninth as Francisco Cordero recorded his 22nd save.

As I said, that's what I got from my fancy cellphone and ESPN Mobile. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of the above or let me know if by not actually viewing the game, I missed any compelling aspects, e.g., funny camera shots of Lou Piniella up in the pressbox as he watched his team's nascent winning streak go pfffft!

Regarding my travel and the headline on this post, tonight I found myself at a Dayton Dragons Class "A" Midwest League game for business-related reasons for the second time this year. (2007 Dayton Dragons games seen in person--2; 2007 Chicago Cubs games seen in person--1.) Tuesday's game was won 5-4 by Dayton, a Reds affiliate, over the Lansing Lugnuts, formerly a Cub affiliate but currently part of the Toronto Blue Jays system.

The game was entertaining and close throughout, so much so that I felt I just HAD to make a pronouncement to several co-workers that 95% of all the fans who attend Major League games couldn't tell the difference between Class "A" Midwest League ball and the big league version.

Not 90 seconds later, Lansing's centerfielder dropped a fly ball that hit squarely in the center of his mitt. This allowed Dayton to score the go-ahead run and proved that where the great similarity lies is between Class "A" Midwest League baseball and the Chicago Cubs version.

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