If the Cubs go on to win the NL Central title, I imagine Thursday night's game will be one of those deemed significant in all of the end-of-the-season retrospectives. It began on an ominous note, turned in the Cubs' favor, settled into a tense stand-off, turned back in the Cubs' favor thanks to the heroics of a guy off the bench and then very nearly slipped away.

If the Cubs don't win the NL Central title, this could end up being the high point, from which the slippage began.

All I know for sure is, it feels awfully satisfying right now.

Also on the subject of satisfaction and cosmic justice, the Mets lost their fourth game in as many days to the Phillies, this one an agonizing 11-10 loss that sliced New York's NL East lead over the Phils to just two games.

If you're thinking the Mets had this coming to them after what they did to the Cubs and Ryan Dempster back on May 17th, I'm right there with you, brother.

Thanks, Chase Utley, Tad Iguchi and Jimmy Rollins! It will be an honor to meet you in the National League playoffs.


  1. Phil said...
    Uh-oh, a glimmer of hope, even from the blog that emphasizes pessimism, this could be serious.
    Cubnut said...
    As you say, it's just a glimmer.

    I won't progress to full-out positivism until the magic number is below 20.

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