Lucky For Us

Good thing the Brewers' remaining schedule didn't include seven games against these sorry bastards or the Cubs might be in second place by Saturday night.

Allowing five unearned runs in one game?! Unless you're playing co-ed softball, you should be ashamed to get back out on the field.

On Sunday, John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus listed Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa and GM Walt Jocketty among those baseball men who might be practicing their trade elsewhere or not at all in 2008:

Jocketty’s salary finally got over $1 million this year in his 13th season, and he has hinted that he doesn't feel particularly appreciated by Cardinals'ownership. La Russa has sent mixed signals in recent weeks about his desire to stay, but he has full control over personnel moves with the Cardinals, which should outweigh his rather irrational belief that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is out to get him. Look for both to stay one more year, and many feel La Russa will then retire.
Regarding our Boys in Blue...

As of last night, something called said the Cubs had a 97.4% likelihood of making the playoffs. (Baseball Prospectus had them at 95.6%.) Sounds good to me. But I'm still not going to have a solid bowel movement until it's official.


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