Today presented a 1,280-word interview with Cubs GM Jim Hendry as he looks back on the '07 season and looks forward to the team's organizational meetings in Arizona at the end of the month.

I know how busy you must be, with leaves to rake, storm windows to repair before the cold weather hits, etc., etc., so I have chopped the article down to a pithy 98 words.

Here are they are:

  • The playoff loss to Arizona will not directly dictate Hendry's off-season roster moves.
  • Hendry is not sure whether the Cubs will be more focused on signing free agents or promoting from within the system this winter.
  • Cub fans suggest a lot of dumb trades.
  • Geo Soto has a good chance to be the Cubs' Opening Day catcher.
  • The pending Tribune sale won't hinder Hendry's ability to spend money.
  • Hendry thought Lou Piniella's coaching staff did a good job this season.
  • The quality of the Cubs' minor league system proved itself in '07.
  • The Cubs scouting department is among the game's best.

There it is: all you need to know about what's on Jim Hendry's mind.

Now you can get to work. Those leaves aren't going to rake themselves, ya know?


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