The Reds are close to naming a manager, and the Cincinnati Enquirer, among others, says Johnnie B. Baker Jr. has interviewed for the position.

The paper also says the Reds "are known to have interest" in former Cub catcher and ex-Marlins manager Joe Girardi. But it is the prospect of hiring Baker that has moved Cincinnatians to florid prose like this:

"No manager at all would be a step up from Dusty. He mismanages every team he has ever been with!!!"

"Hiring Dusty Baker would be a train wreck and hurt this team for years to come. Please take your time and find the right fit for this team. Dusty Baker is not it!"

"Vote NO for Dusty. If he was any good someone would have taken him already. his comments on ESPN are terrible. he does not use young talent right and that is what we have here. VOTE NO FOR DUSTY"

"I think it has already been said 100 times before, but it is worth putting my 2c in. Dusty Baker would be a disaster for this team. He has a horrendous reputation for overworking his pitching staff and the Reds have a couple of lively young arms. If (Reds GM Wayne) Krivsky hires Baker, he might as well make reservations for (Homer) Baily and (Johnny) Cueto at (Dr. Timothy) Kremchek's table - operating table."

You can read more comments here, but I imagine you get the gist.


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