Giants Stadium may be able to claim the honor of being final resting place for James R. Hoffa--well, maybe not--but as the Sodfather, Roger Bossard, learned today while beginning to replace Wrigley Field's woeful playing surface, the Friendly Confines have been home for more than three decades to several massive slabs of subterranean concrete.

The slabs, which supported the goalposts used by the Bears when they played at Wrigley, were left behind and covered over with dirt when the Bears moved to Soldier Field following the 1970 season. Now Bossard has been instructed to simply discard them.

Clearly John McDonough's upward migration from the Director of Marketing position has affected the Cubs. In the old days, the front office would have ordered a couple of the grounds crew guys to break out the sledgehammers, pulverize the concrete into crumbly little pieces, and then sold off each of the crumbles for $25.

Those were the days.

The Red Sox just closed out the Rockies in World Series Game Two, 2-1. Matt Holliday had four of the five Colorado hits (all singles), but was picked off first base by Jonathan Papelbon in the top of the 8th inning with Todd Helton, the potential tying run, at the plate.

Maybe the Rockies can still make it a series. In addition to the obvious challenges of playing on the road in front of a large, Red Sox-hating crowd in a stadium most of the Sox have never seen, Boston will also be playing without a DH.

Terry Francona will have to decide what to do with David Ortiz, who could be murderous against Colorado's Game 3 and Game 4 starters, righthanders Josh Fogg and Aaron Cook, but would have to play in the field in order to take his licks.

Should be interesting.


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