If you're like me, those WTBS broadcasts are now such a part of the fabric of your life, you simply can't imagine missing them just because the Cubs were spanked and sent to bed by the Diamondbacks.

But who do you root for? Which of the four teams left in the World Series derby deserves the unqualified affection of the world’s millions of woebegone Cub fans (at least for the next couple weeks)?

Naturally it's the team that’s most like the Cubs.

To help you determine who that is, here is a quick summary of what does and doesn’t connect each of the contenders and their home cities to our Cubs and Chicago.

Arizona Diamondbacks


  • Multitude of Cub fans living in AZ
  • HoHoKam Park
  • Mark Grace
  • Stadium with swimming pool, roof
  • Cacti
  • Phoenix area still has Jack in the Box

Boston Red Sox

  • Great old ballpark with narrow seats and horrible food
  • Classic uniforms
  • Babe Ruth-related issues
  • Bill Buckner
  • Manager Terry Francona is former Cub
  • Cash flow
  • Know what to do with their cash flow

Cleveland Indians

  • Midwest
  • Reviled by White Sox fans
  • Lou Boudreau
  • Insufferable mascot supporters (Ronnie Woo-Woo/Bass Drum Guy)
  • Drew Carey is no Bob Newhart (though he beats the crap out of Tom Dreesen)
  • Chicago River never caught fire

Colorado Rockies

  • Snow
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters sold in stadium Concession (Sec. 139)

You can make up your own mind. It wouldn't bother me to see the Rockies win it all, but I'm going to pull for the Red Sawks.

The thought of Rocky Mountain Oysters makes me gag.


  1. Brian L said...
    Not that I care, but I put my name on to the waiting list for Cubs season tickets....
    I'm number 66,657.........
    Cubnut said...
    I think I know the guy who's 66,233. Nice fellow. Maybe you'll wind up near each other.

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