Somehow, the name "Alex Rodriguez" has never appeared on this page. I believe that would make A Hundred Next Years the only site anywhere on the Internets even tangentially related to the sport of baseball to be able to say that.

I guess I just lost the distinction.

Anyway, here's an A-Rod fact you may not have come across unless you read Bruce Jenkins in the San Francisco Chronicle:

You probably know about his 4-for-47 (post-season) slump and his streak of 14 games without an RBI, but this is the most telling stat: Since Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS - the night Boston began its epic comeback from three games down against the Yankees - Rodriguez has come to the plate with 38 runners on base, over the span of 59 at-bats. He left every single one on base, going 0-for-27, right through the Yanks' Division Series loss to Cleveland this month.

In today's Sun-Times, Chris De Luca quotes a Major League GM as predicting that Rodriguez will sign with somebody next month in Nashville, because it's agent Scott Boras's M.O. "to get these things done at the winter meetings."

I don't know how the Cubs would pay him or where they'd put him, but 4-for-47 post-season slump or not, it's impossible not to at least think about what it would be like to have Alex Rodriguez show up in Mesa next February wearing Cubbie blue.


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