This is a wonderful blog. I happened upon it about a year ago and thought it was great, though I haven't been back since that first time (no reason in particular).

Anyway, I felt sick to my stomach when it was pointed out to me how similar the title of my nascent series of Cub profiles was to "Cardboard Gods." The similarity was purely unintentional, but I'm going to change the title of my series out of respect for Josh Wilker, who got there first and, as I said, does a fabulous job.

I have a post up at The Cub Reporter regarding Andre Dawson's Hall of Fame candidacy, Lloyd McClendon's inability to hit in the clutch and John McDonough's general lack of imagination, with a Brady Bunch reference to boot.

My writing schedule may be spotty over the next week. If this is indeed my last post of 2007, I would like to wish everyone who reads A Hundred Next Years--the tens and tens of you--a Happy New Year.


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