Tom Tango, aka tangotiger, has published his fan-generated 2007 Scouting Report.

The premise is simple enough: tangotiger invites fans to fill out team ballots like this one on which they rate their favorite clubs' players in a number of defensive categories, including instincts, first step, throwing accuracy, et al. Importantly, he asks fans to not consult any defensive statistics but rather, to rely on their own powers of observation.

You'll find the '07 Cubs report right here. Seventeen Cub players received grades. The most graded player was Jason Kendall (rated by 43 fans); only 11 fans completed ballots for Daryle Ward.

Felix Pie, Derrek Lee, and Ryan Theriot got the highest marks, while the aforementioned Ward, Michael Barrett, Cliff Floyd, and Matt Murton were down at the bottom.

Overall, I would say this fan consensus squares very much with how I would have rated the players.

Interesting stuff, as tangotiger's always is.

(Also, right here, The Hardball Times compares the Fan Scouting Reports with some of their own defensive metrics.)


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