At 2:05 Central Time on Thursday afternoon, Ryan Theriot will dig in against the Giants' Noah Lowry and another season of Cubs Spring Training baseball will commence.

The game will be carried on WGN Radio, and it will certainly be a treat to hear Pat Hughes and Ron Santo once again.

Feel free to print this post and cross off the exchanges as you hear them.

PAT: It's great to be back, Ronny.

RON: You can say that again, pal.

PAT: It seems like just yesterday, the Cubs were walking off the field following that terribly disappointing playoff loss to the Diamondbacks in Wrigley Field.

RON: That's not a good memory, but maybe this year will be our year. We certainly have the ballclub to do it.

PAT: I know that Cubs fans just can't wait to see the newest Cub, Kosuke Fukudome from Japan.

RON: And believe me, they're gonna love him when they see him. He's really something.

PAT: Ronny, did you have a good winter?

RON: I did, but there's nothing like being back in this beautiful ballpark surrounded by all these great fans.

PAT: Ronny, I've got to think it will make a big difference this year with Lou Piniella now having a year under his belt of working with this ballclub.

RON: No question, Pat. It's gonna make a world of difference, believe me. You can just tell--he's much more comfortable with these players, and they're more comfortable with him and this coaching staff.

PAT: Ron, what are your thoughts on Kerry Wood this year?

RON: Well, he took all that weight off last year and he's kept it off. He looks better than ever. I just think he's going to have a tremendous year coming out of the bullpen.

PAT: He could be a real difference-maker this season, couldn't he?

RON: You got that right, big boy.


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