This week's list is both arcane and completely self-indulgent, since it is first and foremost a celebration of the fact that this is the 400th post in the lifespan of this site, which is about 396 posts more than I ever thought I could possibly write.

Here then, to honor Kosuke Fukudome, Brian Roberts, John McDonough, Marlon Byrd, Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island and all of the other individuals, who, for various reasons, inspired me to write something over the past 17 months, is a list of Cubs whose North Side careers ended with somewhere between 390 and 410 hits. (Halfway between 390 and 410 is 400, get it?)

  1. Andre Rodgers (1961--64) 410 hits
  2. Turner Barber (1917--22) 409 hits
  3. Bob Dernier (1984--87) 404 hits
  4. Doc Casey (1903--05) 395 hits 
  5. Steve Ontiveros (1977-80) 394 hits
  6. Rogers Hornsby (1929-32) 392 hits
  7. Larry Bowa (1982--85) 391 hits
This is definitely the least illuminating Arcane Cubs List Of The Week in the history of ACLOTW's.

On the other hand, any table that could somehow make room for both Steve Ontiveros and Rogers Hornsby can't be completely without interest.


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