What you are about to read is true:

  • As I write this, the National League's highest batting average (.538) belongs to Jason Kendall.
  • Corey Patterson, among the last free agents to find a home this past off-season, is tied for second in the NL with four home runs.
  • Those hateful St. Louis Cardinals, who were finally going to get their due this year and maybe just maybe experience life near the bottom of the NL Central, are sitting on top of it. And Kyle Lohse, who shared membership with Corey Patterson in the Please Won't Somebody Sign Me? Club this winter and early spring, didn't allow a run in his first 12 innings in Cardinal colors.
  • The Miguel Cabrera-enhanced Tigers, who were going to slug it out with the Indians for the AL Central title, inflict terror on the rest of the American League, and put 1,000 runs on the board this season, are last in the AL in run-scoring, which has a lot to do with the fact that they also have the worst record in Major League Baseball.
  • Carlos Zambrano, who was the losing pitcher in the Cubs' 5-3 defeat to the Phillies Friday night, has simply stopped walking people. After walking more men than any other NL pitcher in each of the last two seasons, Z has passed just two hitters in 19 2/3 IP this season. At that rate, assuming he pitches the same number of innings this season as he did in '07, he'll walk 22 men. Last year, he walked 101.
  • Former Cub Cliff Floyd, who began life as a Tampa Bay Ray by collecting five hits in his first 15 at-bats including two home runs, has landed on the Disabled List.
If you've followed Cliff Floyd's career, that last item is probably not hard for you to believe.


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