The Most Shocking Number

Astros starter Chris Sampson, who came into today's game at Wrigley Field having allowed just one earned run in 15 IP lifetime against the Cubs (0.60 ERA) while letting up 69 earned runs in 140 2/3 IP lifetime against the rest of Major League baseball (4.41 ERA), shut-out the Cubs for the first six innings this afternoon while throwing 56 pitches.

Six innings, 56 pitches:

11 pitches in the first inning.
6 pitches in the second.
8 pitches in the third.
8 pitches in the fourth.
12 pitches in the fifth.
11 pitches in the sixth.

Ryan Theriot saw 8 pitches in his first three at-bats; Aramis Ramirez saw three pitches in his first two at-bats.

That's how a pitcher manages to throw 56 pitches over six full innings.

And that's one good reason the Cubs were able to go six innings today before scratching out a couple runs against Chris Sampson on their way to a 4-3 loss and their third defeat in four games this season.

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  1. BL said...
    I don't know about you....but I'm sick of the Bullsh*t allready!!
    It's not even May!!!

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