Steve Stone, Jr.

Over the weekend, reacting to Alfonso Soriano's tragicomic play in left field, Bob Brenly said that he could "throw a dart at the Cub dugout" and be sure of hitting someone who would be a better defensive leftfielder than Soriano.

This frank and colorfully expressed appraisal seems to have made Brenly an instant hero to hosts on Chicago's two sportstalk radio stations. In fact, Brenly is scheduled to appear on ESPN1000 Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm.

I think Brenly is a first-rate analyst, and it's hard to dispute the essence of what he said, but I hope we're not headed for the sort of circus that ensued when Steve Stone blasted the team on-air during the Dusty regime.

It could only be a distraction to a contending team and lead to bad feelings between Brenly and the team he is supposed to be covering.


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