The Cubs meet the Orioles shortly in the finale of their three-game series and of the six-game homestand. With a victory, the Cubs will take two-of-three from Baltimore and finish with a 5-1 mark on the homestand.

We're getting used to that sort of thing around here. The Cubs' home mark is currently a dazzling 33-9 (.786).

Here are the team's records in the six homestands preceding the current one:

March 31—April 6: 3-3
April 15—April 22: 7-1
April 29—May 1: 1-2
May 9—May 18: 8-2
May 26—June 1: 7-0
June 10—June 12: 3-0

With a win today, the Cubs' record at home since May 9 will stand at 23-3.


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