Before today's game at Wrigley Field, the White Sox bullpen had the lowest ERA (2.62) in the American League—nearly a half-run per game lower than the next best AL relief crew, the Athletics (3.04). In addition, Sox relievers had served up just 11 HRs in 188 2/3 IP or 1 HR for every 17 innings pitched. That's just one of the reasons Friday's Cub comeback was so marvelous.

Here are a few more: Aramis Ramirez, who smashed the game-winning longball, had been stone cold in the Tampa series (1-for-12), hadn't enjoyed a multi-HR game so far this season, and had hit only one HR over his last 21 games (91 plate appearances).

A mental snapshot I will carry from this day: the shot at the opening of the Comcast Sportsnet post-game show featuring anchorman Pat Boyle, Cubs analyst Dan Plesac, and Sox analyst Bill Melton, moments after Ramirez had sealed the win. Boyle was flashing the standard anchorman's grin, Plesac was smiling from one ear to the other, and Melton looked he just been rear-ended on the Eisenhower.

Hoping for more of the same—a lot more of the same—over the weekend.


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