In the aftermath of the Brewers' acquisition of C.C. Sabathia, Jayson Stark devotes his "That's Debatable" column at to alternately arguing why the Cubs, Brewers, or Cardinals might be the best team in the NL Central.

In his argument on behalf of the Cubs, Starks writes:

The Cubs were the best team in the National League before this deal. And it won't be easy for [Sabathia], who only goes out there every fifth day, to change that. The Cubs are a deeper, more efficient and more consistent offensive team than Milwaukee, for one thing. They've scored nearly 70 more runs (475-406). They've outhit the Brewers by nearly 30 points (.283-.255) and have a much better on-base percentage (.359-.324). And the Cubs still have the better bullpen (3.65 ERA to Milwaukee's 4.07).
Starks concludes that the Cubs, who "undoubtedly have a trade or two in them themselves," should capture the NL Central, regardless of Milwaukee's new, 290-pound bundle of joy.


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