In light of the seven shutout innings the Cubs got from their newest starting pitcher Tuesday night and the complete-game win the Brewers got from their former American Leaguer Monday night—C.C. Sabathia's eighth without a defeat for Milwaukee—I have a post up at The Cub Reporter. It compares recent numbers from the Cubs' Rich Harden, Sabathia and relevant, 24-year-old numbers for Rick Sutcliffe, who made such a big difference in the NL East race back in 1984.

One other item of interest related to Harden:

In the post-game lockerroom chatter, Ryan Theriot was marveling at Harden's performance considering "he is only throwing two pitches." I presume that means fastball and change-up, which was not the company line from Cubs Assistant G.M. Randy Bush right after the trade that landed the righthander and Chad Gaudin from the Athletics, when Bush said Harden has still throwing his full repertoire of pitches, breaking ball included.

But maybe that's quibbling, and I should just be thrilled with a guy who, injury-prone or not, has a 1.50 ERA and a better than four-to-one K/BB ratio in his first seven National League starts.

Consider me thrilled.


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