From reader comments during Thursday night's stirring 6-4 Cubs victory, the Cubs' 50th home victory of the season, as they appeared at The Good Phight, an excellent Phillies fans blog:

Oh Baby, Cole is on tonight. 7:19 pm

Good work Cole. He’s on tonight. 7:35 pm

Cole is going good so far tonight. 9:07 pm

Oh crap, get Madson out of there. 9:26 pm

We’re heading for another 8th inning meltdown! 9:29 pm

How many times recently has the bullpen crapped the bed? 9:31 pm

Bases loaded no outs. Wow. 9:33 pm

Were fucked. 9:33 pm

And a fucking Grand Slam…Charlie you should of just left Cole in... 9:35 pm

Utley never comes through in the clutch. 9:51 pm

man, phils could use somebody like kerry wood…throws strikes! 9:53 pm

they let that one get away. that was a win. they blew that one. damn it. 9:58 pm


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