On Thursday, Carlos Zambrano hit his 16th career home run, and it was a good thing that he did: the Cub offense, which sputtered in the three-game series with Cincinnati, only produced two other runs against Josh Fogg, et al, and the Cubs needed Zambrano's blast to prevail, 3-2, and take the series, 2 games to 1.

With 16 bombs, Zambrano has hit more home runs than any other Cub pitcher in history. (Fergie Jenkins is second with 13, and I thought this was surprising—Kerry Wood is the only other recent player near the top. He stands in seventh place with 7 career homers.)

But why focus on the positive when the negative numbers are so easily captured by BaseballReference.com? Here, then, is a list of the non-pitchers who had the most career at-bats as a Chicago Cub since 1961 and still hit fewer home runs than a pitcher with a mere 483 at-bats, Carlos Zambrano. (Players are listed in order of career AB's as a Cub.)

  1. Don Kessinger 11 HR, 6355 AB
  2. Ivan DeJesus 14 HR, 2900 AB
  3. Rey Sanchez 6 HR, 1835 AB
  4. Joe Girardi 13 HR, 1719 AB
  5. Larry Bowa 2 HR, 1584 AB
  6. Ken Hubbs 14 HR, 1255 AB
  7. Dick Bertell 10 HR, 1247 AB
  8. Eric Young 12 HR, 1210 AB
  9. Jerome Walton 12 HR, 1192 AB
  10. Ryan Theriot 7 HR, 1144 AB


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