Ode to a Garbage Dump

I'll have more thoughts in the next couple days on the Cubs/Dodgers series, which begins Wednesday. In the meantime...

One of the byproducts of Sunday's Major League action was the hasty goodbyes that Met fans had to bid to Shea Stadium following the Mets' 4-2 season-ending loss to the Marlins.

Sports editor Jay Schreiber of the New York Times (above left) offers a video tribute right here.

(Ron Santo, whose palpable hatred of the ballpark caused him to skip last week's Cubs/Mets series in New York, promised he would grit it out and show up at Shea for his radio responsibilities if the Mets wound up in the NLDS against the Cubs. Despite the fact that the Mets appeared to be a softer touch for the Cubs than the Dodgers will be, I can only imagine how happy Santo is that he won't have to live up to his promise.)


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