Sitting Vigil

Thanks to Joey Votto, et al, the Cubs are now one more win or one more Brewer loss from finishing in first place in consecutive seasons for the first time since 1908. Assuming the Cubs claim the division title—if they don't, this blog will be shut down immediately—the next item we can focus our attention on is finishing with the best record in the National League and claiming home-field advantage in the NLDS and, God willing, the NLCS.

Here is how the NL teams stack up right now in the race for the best record:

Cubs 92-60*
Mets 86-67*
Phillies 86-68*
Brewers 84-70
Astros 81-72
Marlins 81-72
Dodgers 80-74*

(*Would reach post-season if season ended today)

The Cubs' Magic Number versus the Mets stands at 4, it's 3 versus the Phillies, and as all of Cubdom knows right now, the number is 1 versus the Brewers.

Depending on what happens in the next 48 hours and considering how well the Cubs have played at Wrigley Field this year, the team's 4-game series at Shea Stadium, which commences Monday, could be a much more meaningful one than a team already holding its post-season ticket would normally face in the season's final days.


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