It's Not Gonna Happen

The 97-win season is ancient history, friends. We're back where we belong—the Official Laughingstock of Major League Baseball.

The closest I can come to finding some point of interest in this series is trying to predict which missed opportunity or failed play will become the signature moment; the '08 version of the Bartman ball or the Alex Gonzalez error from Game 6 in 2003.

My nominee right now is Mark DeRosa's flub on what should have been a double-play ball in the 2nd inning tonight, when the Dodgers scored five runs, effectively locking up the game and, most likely, the series. That would be a shame, since DeRosa had a career season and, maybe along with Edmonds, has stood out among the Cub hitters in this series because he isn't flailing away, at-bat after at-bat, as though he were swatting at butterflies.

I'm pointing at the DeRosa play and yet, I think the Cubs lost tonight's game when it was still scoreless and Alfonso Soriano was standing at second base with nobody out in the bottom of the first inning. Ryan Theriot was batting, there seemed to be tension and expectation in the Wrigley Field air surrounding the possibility that the Cubs could jump out to the early lead and wipe away the memory of last night's embarrassment...and Theriot wet the bed. Then Lee and Ramirez did likewise, and the game remained scoreless until the Dodgers came to bat in the second, and then the circus really began.

Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, Fukudome (!)—these guys should be humiliated. I'm sure they are.

I hope this ends Saturday.


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