The Braves have backed out of further discussions with the Padres regarding a possible trade for Jake Peavy, leaving only the Cubs and Dodgers among the suitors. But even if the Dodgers, whose primary focus seems to be re-signing Manny Ramirez, withdraw from the trade talks, the Cubs are going to need help in acquiring the former Cy Young Award winner.

From Friday's San Diego Union-Tribune:

...having failed to transact business with the Braves, (Padres GM Kevin) Towers continues to characterize Peavy's top preferences as problematic: the Chicago Cubs being inadequately stocked with trade material and the Los Angeles Dodgers being preoccupied with other priorities.

“Chicago didn't give us any deadline,” Towers said. “I imagine we'll continue to talk to them, but it's going to definitely take a third team to get something done there.

The Cubs were short of "trade material," particularly the young pitchers the Padres want, before this week's deal that sent Jose Ceda to the Marlins for Kevin Gregg. So if it was essential to get a third team involved in a possible swap for Peavy, it's obviously even more incumbent now.


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