The author of the once outstanding, now defunct Cubs blog, 1060west, has started a new blog called waxpaperbeercup. It was a wpbc Twitter post that led me to learn three things:

  • Former Cub Dan Plesac, who I thought did a passable job of studio analysis for Comcast and seemed like a candidate to step permanently into the Cub announcers booth if/when Bob Brenly gets his next managing gig, is leaving the local airwaves for a job at the new MLB television network.
  • Harry Caray, whose appeal as a Chicago personality and pitchman has been dulled not one bit by the inconvenience of his passing, is featured in the audio track of a new NBC spot promoting the New Year's Day Blackhawks/Red Wings game at Wrigley Field. (To see the commercial, go here and enter "Wrigley Field" in the search field.)
  • And thirdly, Ed Sherman, who formerly covered golf and the sports media beat for the Tribune, is now blogging on behalf of Crain's Chicago Business.
In summary:

I am pleased by the returns of the one-time author of 1060west and Ed Sherman, I am ambivalent about seeing Dan Plesac leave, and as for Harry, I feel like he has never really left.


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