In the New York Times, Michael Schmidt writes that "a short cab ride from the lavish suites of the Bellagio hotel (in Las Vegas), where major league baseball executives and agents discussed multimillion-dollar contracts for players...this week," minor league baseball officials were running a big job fair and trade show.

Given the dismal economy, team officials in attendance shared the common goal of looking for ways to save money, with a number of clubs opting to do things like re-use old uniforms or press team logos onto jerseys instead of having them individually stitched. (Said to cut uni costs by 1/3 to 1/2!). Also mentioned: cutbacks on inflatable mascots and other forms of in-game entertainment.

Teams are looking beyond uniforms for savings. The Round Rock Express, the Houston Astros’ Class AAA affiliate, has often bought new in-game entertainment features for fans from one season to the next. Next season, however, the team plans to run the same video entertainment on the outfield screen between innings.

"It will be the same cap shuffle video instead of changing the whole thing, like we’ve done in years past,” said Clint Musslewhite, the team’s director for ballpark entertainment. “We are not going to have them redo it. We’re going to strategically change our entertainment; the number of inflatable things we’ll rent will decrease.”
All I know is, if the Kane County Cougars cut ties with Myron Noodleman, they're going to hear about it from me.


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