I set out to create a timeline of Milton Bradley's reckless and erratic behavior before realizing that the Sun-Times Web site had already done it for me.

One item left off the S-T list was Bradley's three-day visit to the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio jail in December, 2004. That stemmed from an altercation with a policewoman at a traffic stop. Bradley also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge--he had been arrested for yelling at another police officer--for which he received a $175 fine and suspended jail sentence.

Tonight on David Kaplan's Sports Central show on WGN Radio, a caller said he was thrilled with the Bradley signing because it would bring a much needed "attitude" to the Cub clubhouse.

Regardless of the man's physical gifts and good-looking stats, I can't imagine the clubhouse that would actually be better because of what Bradley would bring to it.

If Bradley struggles and by some miracle the Wrigley Field bleacher creatures don't get on him, the Chicago press will surely push the button that sets him off.

I give it until mid-May before most of us are regretting the deal the Cubs signed on Monday.


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