Random wisdom dispensed by the New York Met faithful over the past few months at "Aaron Heilman Sucks", a discussion forum dedicated to the newest Chicago Cub.

  • I wish nothing but bad things upon this guy. He has caused mets fan way to much pain. Heilman forced me to cut my self during games.
  • did you know heilman means homerun in german? LMAO
  • To Kerri Heilman please say to your husband Aaron when your home at night Heilman you suck please quit for the good of the team.
  • It is amazing how bad he is, if i was the mets GM i'd trade him to Guatamala for an old donkey and a sick monkey
  • Aaron can be very effective. You guys are way to harsh on him. I would be willing to bet most of you wouldn't have the sack to to say any of these things to him if you were alone in a room with him.
  • what a complete moron, jesus, i hate this guy
For the record, in six years with the Mets, Heilman went 22-33, 4.24 with an ERA+ of 100, i.e., dead on the league average. Though this November, he laid a start-me-or-trade-me demand on the Mets—who traded him to the Mariners who traded him to the Cubs—the Notre Dame grad was far more effective as a relief pitcher than as a starter:

Heilman in relief: 3.52 in 280 games (316 2/3 IP), 289 K vs. 119 BB
Heilman as a starter: 5-13 in 25 starts, 5.93 ERA, 106 K vs. 66 BB

Regardless of the numbers, Heilman figures to see duty in both roles with the Cubs.


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