Of all the people who've so far expressed an interest in buying the Cubs from Tribco, Jerry Colangelo is the most attractive. He has Chicago roots, a long and distinguished history as a sportsman including a World Series championship, and to the extent that one can judge such things from phone-in interviews with ass clowns like Boers and Bernstein, he seems like an all-around good guy.

Then there's the bit about him nearly driving the D-Backs to complete financial ruin.

It raises the following question which I'd like to discuss in an open forum when the readers of this blog gather with yours truly at the 1st Annual "A Hundred Next Years" Convention later this winter at the Rosemont Convention Center but which I'll raise briefly right now:

Would you, as a Cubs fan, be satisfied with winning a World Series if it meant the team would be truly execrable (think of reliving 1994 over and over again, Groundhog Day-style) for a long, long time afterward?

The easy answer is, "Of course!" Then I think back to 1986 and '87 and '88 and how painfully frustrating it was to see the Bears fall flat on their faces so soon after winning the Super Bowl, and the easy answer doesn't seem so easy.

Just something I plan on thinking about while I draft my letter to Mark Cuban, asking him to get his investors group in order.

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  1. Mo said...
    I must have eaten too much turkey as I think I find myself agreeing with Cubnut. Colangelo is absolutely the WRONG guy for the job of owner of all things Cub. After he got lucky with Schilling and Johnson that one year (kinda like the Cub ALMOST rode Prior and Wood to the Series with a mediocre team) he led the D-back to complete ruin. If memory serves at one point they didn't think they had enough money to pay the players. Plus Colangelo doesn't have enuff money to buy the Cub himself which means a large group of investors which leads to the inevitable squabbles amongst the owners and nothing good gets accomplished.
    No, what we need is ONE really rich dude, like a Mark Cuban as Cubnut has suggested. Or how about one of those Google guys? Or some hedge fund billionaire who wouldn't think twice about dropping $30,000,000 on a Gil Meche.

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