Trade Michael Barrett.

It's not that I don't like seeing Barrett in the Cub lineup or that I've forgotten what it was like to see a Scott Servais or a Rick Wilkins behind the plate every day. It's just that, coming off a career year (885 OPS) and about to head into his final season before free agency, Barrett will never have more trade value than he does right now.

My thought is that perhaps Barrett, packaged with Jacque Jones and some of our young pitchers not named Rich Hill, could fetch a decent return on the trade market. A quality outfielder, maybe, and/or a bit of that veteran pitching we still need so desperately.

This would mean that Henry (Hank) Blanco (White), ace backup, would become Henry (Hank) Blanco (White), starter by default. Blanco's defensive strength and defensive superiority to Barrett are well established. The offensive fall-off would be significant, though I'm not sure it's a fall-off the Cubs couldn't live with, especially if Soriano provides the boost we're all expecting.


  1. Mo said...
    You want to do what?????
    Listen, Barrett's a defensive liability but the beautiful thing about free agency, when you have a bottomless pit of money to spend, is that you don't have to trade ANYBODY to fill a need.
    Just sign Schmidt, Meche, and Padilla and we'll be all good.
    FloppyJanis said...
    Cubnut, you are out of your freakin' mind!
    Happy Thanksgiving, anyway.

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